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Bunnings FightMND Polar Plunge x Port Melbourne Lifesaving Club: A Resounding Success!

On the crisp morning of Monday, May 22nd, starting at the early hour of 5 am, the Port Melbourne Lifesaving Club played host to the Bunnings FightMND Polar Plunge. This event saw an incredible turnout, with numerous enthusiastic members of the community coming together to raise awareness and support the FightMND campaign.

The event garnered widespread attention from prominent media outlets such as The Today Show, 7News Melbourne, 9News Melbourne, and 7News Adelaide. The substantial media coverage further propelled the cause, ensuring that the message of the FightMND campaign reached far and wide. Adding to the excitement, we were privileged to welcome Joel Selwood, the esteemed former Geelong Cats Captain Footballer, Sarah and Jess Hosking, Richmond AFLW players, who not only participated wholeheartedly but also captured countless memorable moments in front of the camera and engaged in conversations about the vital significance of raising awareness for the FightMND campaign.

At its core, the FightMND campaign is an unwavering endeavour to secure vital funds in the pursuit of effective treatments and, ultimately, a cure for Motor Neurone Disease (MND). One of the campaign's fundraising initiatives involves the sale of its renowned beanies and socks, a symbol of unity and support for those affected by this debilitating condition.

Events like the Polar Plunge serve as powerful catalysts for generating the necessary resources to drive ground-breaking research forward.

The Port Melbourne Lifesaving Club was both humbled and thrilled to be chosen as the perfect venue for this occasion. As proud hosts, we provided impeccable water safety measures, ensuring the well-being of every participant. Our facilities were made available to all and to add to the excitement, our friends from Port Melbourne Bunnings set up a yummy sausage sizzle, which proved to be a big hit. After all, who could resist the irresistible combination of a Bunnings sausage and the invigorating thrill of a polar plunge?

In summary, the Bunnings FightMND Polar Plunge surpassed all expectations. It was an extraordinary opportunity for our community to unite behind a noble cause, fostering a sense of camaraderie while indulging in some much-deserved fun along the way.

Without further ado, we invite you to check out the captivating photos below which serve as testaments to the boundless enthusiasm and unwavering spirit displayed throughout this unforgettable event.


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