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The Port Melbourne LSC Committee

The Port Melbourne Life Saving Club Committee is proud to lead the club in supporting our local community and keeping Port Melbourne beach safe. All 13 members of the committee share the same dedication to the club that we see in so many of our members. 

As a team, we are responsible for managing all of the day-to-day operations of the club, as well as organising programs, events, and functions. This includes organising and rostering patrols, facilities and equipment management, communications, social media, and member services. We also oversee the Nippers program, school beach programs, and a range of club events and functions.

We are proud to support our members keep Port Melbourne beach safe and help educate the local community about beach safety and surf life-saving services. Port Melbourne Life Saving Club has been keeping people safe for over 100 years, and we aim to help it continue to do so for the next 100 years.

2023/2024 season committee positions


Peter Bellion

Vice President

Tea-Rose Passon


Elina ​Bowron


Ben Shaw


Chief Instructor

Darrel Gill

Club Captain/Patrol Director

Nick Strang


Nick Strang

Nippers and Junior Management

Nipper Director - Belinda Gill

Nipper Coordinator - Nick Strang

Nipper Facilitator - Shaun Brown

Communications and Public Relations

Tea-Rose Passon, Kate Unsworth

Social Media

Tea-Rose Passon, Kate Unsworth


Tea-Rose Passon, Kate Unsworth

Facilities Manager

Paul Mapley

Gear Steward

Paul Mapley

Catering/Events Manager

Elina Bowron

IRB Captain

Nick Strang

First Aid Officer

Joe Mercieca

LSV - Delegates

Tea-Rose Passon
Peter Bellion

Nick Strang

Grants Coordinator

Ben Shaw

Member Protection Officer

Alexandra Bowron

Competition Coordinator

Nick Strang


The Junior Committee

Junior Committee. This was the club's next step into giving the future leaders of Life Saving a voice and a chance to represent the junior members of the community. With meetings every month, our team of 5 created new developments from day one. We worked together to create multiple projects and are proud to be the spokespersons of the youth of our club.

"The Junior Committee has given me the opportunity to further involve myself with a service I love. It's a chance to represent the people with some of the brightest and innovative ideas and it is also a really enthusiastic team to work with. There have already been so many innovative projects that have come out of just a few months of this committee forming, so I can't wait to see what a whole new season will bring!" - Charlotte Bree

"The Committee has helped me stay an active member of the club through these disconnected times. Working with my amazing group, it was a great chance to give input within the club." - Imogen Brodej

"This committee helps me to get to know other members in the club better and connect with new people. I love being able to voice my opinions and bring new and innovative ideas to our amazing club!" - Zoe Dale

"I absolutely love being a part of the Junior Committee at Port Melbourne Life Saving Club! I love working with all the fantastic people that our club has, learning lots of new things and I really appreciate having a voice and the commitment everyone has to really make lifesaving the best it can be! I also, love working with the all the nippers and seeing there faces light up with smiles when they participate in lifesaving and learn something new! It truely makes me happy!" - Siena Mapley

"I chose to be a committee member because I want to see a new generation of involvement in the club and to see changes made to help establish the future of the club. I enjoy being in the committee because it is great fun and it is really inspiring to make a difference at this age." Michael Malliaros

"I have felt honoured to represent the junior members of our club by working with the amazing people our club has. It has given me the opportunity to voice suggestions and make lifesaving even better than it already is. I can’t wait to be back at the beach next summer, keeping everyone safe and having a good time!" James Gibbs

We are really excited to kick even more projects off as the pre-season approaches and would love to have more juniors on board. If you are a volunteer between the ages of 13-17 and with a passion and commitment to leading in life saving, please contact for an outline of what your application should look like. The next generation of Port Melbourne leaders are the youths of our club so please send in your expressions of interest!

If the Junior Committee isn't your thing, feel free to approach any one of our junior committee members with queries or suggestions. We are always up for a chat!

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