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Frequently Asked Questions

Who manages and runs the Nippers Program?

Port Melbourne LSC Nippers is run by Belinda Gill (Nipper Coordinator), Nick Strang (Nipper Facilitator), Shaun Brown (Nipper Coordinator) and Volunteers. These Volunteers are made up of parents of nippers (Age Managers) and young patrollers. 

Do we have lesson plans for the Nipper Programs?

Yes, these can be found in the colourful age group folders on the table at each nipper session or contact Téa and she can email them to you

What is the content of the Nippers Program?

During the sessions, your child will be taught from the SLSA Surf Education Program (Surf Ed). The Surf Ed program is made up 6 interrelated strands; 

  1. Safety

  2. Surf Awareness

  3. Rescues

  4. First Aid and Resuscitation

  5. Communication

  6. Teamwork

How do I renew my membership?

You can renew your membership online through the SLSA Members Portal.

How do I access my roster and find out about my team members and contact details?

At the commencement of the season, you'll be allocated a patrol captain and put in a WhatsApp group with your patrol team. You can use this to contact your team members. If you've forgotten your patrol team or roster click here

Can I drop my children at nippers and leave?

No, as a parent or guardian you are required to be at the beach at all times during the nipper’s program. We expect all parents to help with the Nipper sessions. Each week you attend with your child, try to help in a different way. Help set up or pack up and then the following week with the beach activities etc. We do not want to see the same parents doing the same thing each week; the workload needs to be shared around. 

Can we compete in Lifesaving Carnivals for Port Melbourne?

Yes, participation in carnivals is completely optional. If you’re interested in competing, please get in contact with Téa ( or Belinda Gill 

How do I obtain a Working With Children's Check Card?

You can complete WWCC Application form online before lodging with Australia Post. You can access the WWCC website by clicking here

Who is the president?

Peter Bellion is President and Téa Passon is Vice President. You can see the rest of the committee by clicking here.

What time does nippers start?

The Sunday morning program consists of:

10:45 am – Roll Call

10:50 am – Aerobic Warm Up

11:00 am – Break into age groups

12 Noon – Finish

12:00 pm – 12:30 pm – Lunch (Sausage sizzle)

Nippers can stay longer and use the equipment provided they always have parental supervision. All Nippers registered in the program must have a parent/guardian registered as well.

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