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Port MelbourneLife Saving Club’s volunteer lifesavers patrol a 1.5 km section of beach between the Kerferd Road and Lagoon piers on weekends, hot weather days and public holidays between November and April, watching over more than 40,000 beachgoers each season.

What does it take to become a patroller?

When you reach the age of 13, you can join patrols if you have completed the SRC (Surf Rescue Certificate) (commonly known as a Junior Lifesaver). You must also obtain your Bronze Medallion qualification to become a full patrolling member. To be eligible for a Bronze Medallion, you must be at least 15 years old and demonstrate proficiency in surf awareness, survival, patrol and rescue procedures, and emergency care. After earning your SRC or Bronze, you can proudly wear the red and yellow uniform and call yourself a surf lifesaver. You will be assigned to a patrol team where you will gain skills and experience while volunteering alongside other qualified lifesavers.

When are lifesaving patrols?

The patrol season is split into three periods 

Patrol roster 2021/22 season

Each member's patrol team and rostered days on duty are listed on the patrol roster. It is critical that members thoroughly review the roster. Members who are unable to attend on their scheduled day must find a replacement and notify their patrol captain or vice captain as soon as possible.

All patrollers must arrive at the clubhouse 15-30 minutes before their scheduled shift to help with set up and leave a half hour after patrol to pack up.


For patrolling members, training is held twice a week (on a weeknight and on a weekend). If you have any skills related to patrolling or life saving, please contact Téa at 0435 062 080 or

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