About Us

Port Melbourne Life Saving Club

For over 100 years Port Melbourne Life Saving Club (PMLSC) has been keeping Port Melbourne beach safe, offering frontline first aid and emergency services as well as skill building and leadership opportunities for the local community. We currently have over 860 members participating in a range of programs, including nippers, school programs, and patrolling services. Each summer our members perform over 2000 preventative actions, 60 first aids, 5 rescues, 17,159 beach attendances and 4,607 patrol hours. 


PMLSC runs a nippers program for children aged 6 to 13 with over 240 active participants. This program gives our younger members the opportunity to develop specific skills to assist the transition to becoming a patroller and a senior member of the Club. PMLSC is proud to be developing a Life Saving Victoria first, operating a unique innovative challenge we’re calling "Operation Nippers", which was established by the junior members of the Club. Operation Nippers assists nippers with the transition from "pink to red and yellow".