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Celebrating Excellence: Meet Our Outstanding Nominees for the 20th Annual LSV Awards of Excellence!

Get ready to celebrate with the Port Melbourne Lifesaving Club (PMLSC), as they ride a wave of excitement with not one, not two, but four astounding LSV award nominations! From their exceptional community education efforts to an incredible Nipper program and outstanding volunteers, PMLSC is making a splash and leaving an unforgettable mark in the world of lifesaving.

1. Community Engagement Program of the Year - SPLASH!

SPLASH isn't just an acronym, it's a promise we've made to our community. It stands for:

🌊 S: Safety &

🌊 P: Prevention:

🌊 L: Learning Lifesaving Skills

🌊 A: At the

🌊 S: Shoreline and in the

🌊 H: H2O

We're giving ourselves extra points for crafting that acronym – a true stroke of genius! But the real heart of the matter lies in our profound motivation for creating SPLASH. Our program aims to equip participants with essential lifesaving skills, fostering safety, awareness, and engagement within the community. In our BIG application, we covered the following:

  • Our journey for the coveted award led us through a comprehensive application process.

  • Unveiling the heart of SPLASH, we shared motivations and program objectives.

  • Carefully selecting our target audience, we explained our rationale.

  • Program details emerged, covering location, duration, and engaging activities.

  • Resource allocation and role distribution were outlined with precision.

  • We showcased promotional materials and media recognition, highlighting impact.

  • Our evaluation method, ensuring alignment with goals, was explained.

  • Positive community effects, increased engagement, and new collaborations were emphasised.

  • Challenges were met with strategic solutions, demonstrating our dedication.

  • The future of the program is our contemplation, driven by unwavering belief.

Working on this application brought back the uni vibes, reminding us of those project-packed days (hey, uni students, you got this! #itsworthit).

2. Junior Lifesaver Award nominee (14-17) W are thrilled to share Bailey's journey as an LSV's Junior Lifesaver Award nominee (14-17)! Bailey's unwavering dedication to water safety truly inspires us all. 🙌

From earning a Bronze Medallion and First Aid, IRB Crew, and Basic Life Support certifications, to leading the Junior Committee in 2022, Bailey's passion shines through. Remember that scorching 35-degree day? Bailey's quick thinking saved a struggling teen at Lagoon pier.

Bailey's commitment extends beyond duty - arriving early for patrols, delivering uplifting briefings, and ensuring top-notch beach safety. With dreams of becoming a senior committee member, patrol captain, and PMLSC president, Bailey embodies leadership.

Bailey, you're a true role model and ambassador for our club, making us incredibly proud. Whether you win or not, in our eyes, you're already a WINNER! 🎉

3. Nipper Program of the Year

At PMLSC, our commitment to providing an exceptional Nipper program shines brighter than ever. We've put our hearts and souls into creating a program that not only fosters fun and friendship, but also imparts invaluable life skills. 🌟

Our journey towards this nomination involved a detailed application process that delved into every aspect of our program. From outlining our program's structure to showcasing our achievements, we left no stone unturned.

We've been laser-focused on nurturing our young stars and building a strong foundation for their growth. Our Age Manager recruitment, training, retention, and recognition strategies have paved the way for a dedicated team that truly cares about our Nippers' development. 💪

But that's not all! Our parent engagement and communication strategies have brought our community even closer, fostering a sense of belonging and support. This season, we've introduced innovative initiatives that have taken the Nipper experience to new heights. From exciting challenges to skill-building activities, we've made sure each day at PMLSC is filled with unforgettable moments.

And behind it all is Belinda Gill, a true champion who has poured her dedication, commitment, and love into our program for an incredible 20 years. 🙌❤️

We are humbled to see nearly 300 Nippers discovering, learning, and forging lifelong friendships under our program's banner. Their smiles and achievements are a testament to the fantastic journey we're on together.

As we eagerly await the results this Saturday, we ask you to cross your fingers and send us your positive vibes! Winning would be the cherry on top of this amazing journey, but no matter what, we're already winners thanks to the bonds we've built and the impact we've made. 🎉🏆

4. Nipper Program Volunteer of the Year

Last but certainly not least, let's give a thunderous applause to our incredible Nipper Program Queen, Belinda Gill! She's been nominated for LSV's Nipper Program Volunteer of the Year, and trust us when we say, this nomination is beyond well-deserved!

For a whopping 25 years, Belinda has passionately taken the helm as our Nippers coordinator, steering this program towards greatness. Can you believe it? A quarter-century of dedication! The program has flourished under her guidance, growing bigger and better with each passing season. And now, it's time for a new chapter.

🌟 Transitioning to Nipper Director Role 🌟

Starting this season (23/24), Belinda will gracefully transition into the role of Nipper Director. This is a monumental achievement that reflects the impact she's had on countless young lives. Supported by an outstanding Nipper Coordinator and Nipper Facilitator, Belinda's legacy will continue to thrive.

🌊 From 8 Kids to 265 Nippers! 🏊‍♂️

Belinda's journey began with just 8 spirited kids, including her own, her nephews, a friend's child, and 4 members of the public. Fast forward to last season, and that number had skyrocketed to an impressive 265 Nippers! Her dedication and passion have undoubtedly fuelled this remarkable growth.

👩‍🏫 Mentoring Age Managers & Fostering Inclusion 👨‍🏫

As an Age Manager mentor, Belinda has nurtured and guided 67 age managers last season, contributing to a total of around 100 Age Managers overall. But her impact doesn't stop there. Belinda has championed inclusion and diversity, creating welcoming pathways for children of all genders, ethnicities, and neurodiversity’s to participate fully.

🏆 A True Winner in Every Way 🏆

Belinda, regardless of the outcome, you're already a shining star in our eyes. Thousands of nippers have been lucky enough to experience your phenomenal program, and who could forget your iconic aerobic warm-up? Your unwavering dedication has left an indelible mark on this community, and we're beyond proud to have you as part of our team.

Join us on Instagram this Saturday night for some epic AOE action shots and (fingers crossed) the exhilarating award-winning moment!


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