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Boskalis Boosts Port Melbourne Nippers Program with Generous Support

Boskalis, a renowned provider of dredging and marine services, such as this big one ⬇️⬇️

is delighted to share its collaboration with the Port Melbourne Lifesaving Club (PMLSC) in endorsing our Nippers Program. Emphasizing its global dedication to the community and social responsibility, Boskalis has donated $4,250 to support the program. This generous contribution will go towards us assisting families from economically disadvantaged or culturally diverse backgrounds in covering their membership expenses. Additionally, the funds will go towards the purchase of new Nipper rash vests for the forthcoming season.

In addition to Boskalis' generous contributions to our Nippers Program, Boskalis kindly extended an invitation to a select delegation from the Club to take a tour of the dredger Gateway, which is currently undertaking routine maintenance dredging for the Port of Melbourne. For those unaware, dredging is essential to ensure that shipping can safely enter and leave the Port of Melbourne, by maintaining the required depths in the shipping channels.

Here are some photos we took during the tour...

The Port Melbourne Lifesaving Club expresses its sincere gratitude to Boskalis for selecting us as beneficiaries of their CSR Program. This partnership exemplifies Boskalis' commitment to making a positive impact on local communities and further strengthens its ties with the Port of Melbourne community. Thank You!

About Boskalis:

Boskalis is a leading global dredging and marine services provider, offering a wide range of expertise and innovative solutions to clients in the energy, ports, and infrastructure sectors. With a rich history spanning over a century, the company is committed to sustainable practices and making a positive difference in the communities where it operates.

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