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LSV U15 Camp: An Opportunity for PMLSC Youth Members to Develop Their Lifesaving Journey

The U15 LSV Development camp was held at the YMCA Anglesea Recreation Camp from the 5th to the 7th of May. 56 exceptional youth members, representing 29 clubs, including 3 from PMLSC, attended this camp with open minds and positive attitudes.

To guide and inspire these young minds, a team of 12 dedicated LSV volunteer leaders sacrificed their personal weekends, clearly demonstrating their commitment to nurturing the growth of our future leaders.

The camp provided an opportunity for our young members to develop their interpersonal skills, broaden their understanding of lifesaving, and support participants as they progress through their lifesaving journey.

The objectives of the camp were multi-faceted, aiming to:

  • Cultivate self-awareness, leadership prowess, and learn about team dynamics among participants.

  • Deepen participants' understanding of the myriad pathways and opportunities within the realm of lifesaving and empower participants to contribute meaningfully to their respective clubs.

  • Create a vibrant network of like-minded friends across the state, fostering lifelong connections.

  • Expand participants' repertoire of lifesaving skills, empowering them to navigate challenges with confidence and resilience.

  • Nurture an understanding of one's own unique leadership style and the real impact of individual actions on others.

Throughout the weekend, participants were thrown into a wide array of engaging activities. These included informative sessions on personality and leadership styles, challenges such as the vertical challenge, team-building exercises, first aid scenarios, and unforgettable experiences like the giant swing (which we regretfully do not have a photo to share!). Every activity was thoughtfully designed to facilitate experiential learning within a safe, inclusive, and fun environment.

Reflecting upon the positive impact of the U15 Camp, Isabelle Wright from the Port Melbourne Life Saving Club enthusiastically shared,

"It was truly remarkable! I feel enriched by the experience, having pushed my boundaries and embraced all of the experiences. The staff were exceptional mentors, imparting invaluable wisdom throughout the camp. It has provided us with many opportunities and unforgettable experiences that will undoubtedly shape my personal journey in lifesaving and life."

Echoing similar sentiments, Tilana, also from the Port Melbourne Life Saving Club, expressed,

"The camp was an absolute blast! I challenged myself, conquering thrilling obstacles like the giant swing and the vertical challenge. The inclusive and spirited leadership of our mentors made the experience truly unforgettable. I would jump at the chance to attend again."

Eloise, another passionate member of our esteemed club, recounted her experiences,

"The U15 Camp was a true adventure. I gained invaluable lifesaving and leadership skills, each activity presenting new challenges and opportunities for growth. Meeting people your age who do what you do from across Victoria was a highlight. The camp was a whirlwind of fun and laughter, and I cannot wait to participate again."

Overall, the LSV U15 Development Camp was an excellent opportunity for our future PMLSC leaders to develop their lifesaving journey. The camp objectives were achieved, and the participants had a lot of fun while learning and developing their skills. We look forward to seeing more of our youth members attend these types of camps in the future.

L: Isabelle | M: Tilana | R: Eloise


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