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#TheChangeMaker Peter!

National Volunteer Week is a time to honor and appreciate the invaluable contributions made by our Club's volunteers who selflessly dedicate their time, skills, and passion to make a positive impact on our community. In the spirit of this special occasion, we are thrilled to present our volunteer interview series, where we delve into the remarkable stories of just some of the inspiring individuals who have chosen to make a difference.

Peter Bellion | PMLSC President

What motivated you to become a PMLSC Volunteer?

Motivation to become PMLSC Volunteer was to prevent Acquatic related death and injury and help develop great young Australians.

In your opinion, what makes volunteering such a valuable and rewarding experience, and how does it contribute to personal growth and development?

The value and reward I get from lifesaving is that it keeps me connected with people of all ages, it keeps me engaged with the Emergency Services Community that has been an enormous part of my life, I get to make a difference and I get to help keep people safe and save lives. Through lifesaving I have grown and developed my skills in leadership, management, community engagements. I have also been able to qualify as a Remote Pilot for Lifesaving Victoria and this has also opened up many opportunities to professional development and cover drone footage of Tony’s Trek 1500 km fundraising walk for the Emergency Services Foundation.

Can you share a specific moment or experience during your volunteer work that stands out to you and reinforces your love for volunteering and or the club?

A highlight for me in lifesaving was doing winch training with Lifesaver30 Westpac Rescue Helicopter, Driving the Inflatable Rescue Boat but most of all Saving 3 young boys 8, 9 & 11 years old on Melbourne Cup Day 2020.

What keeps you motivated to continue volunteering for PMLSC?

What keeps me motivated to keep volunteering is the mateship, socialisation and still being part of the Emergency Services continuing my 37 plus years of National Service.

How has volunteering impacted your life, and what benefits have you experienced from it?

Volunteering has impacted my life as any critical incident does but despite when being involved in a tragic incident it is ok to get emotional and let it out of your system rather than bottling it up. With my 37 plus years of experience I am extremely resilient but the body does keep a score over time, however then you have the great warm and sunny days, the fun Nipper days and the fun training days and social events and it makes it all worth it, saving lives and making a difference.


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